happy hour breakfast
8am-11am, available Tuesday through Friday only

benedicts (served until 1pm)
all with two wilcox farm organic poached eggs
served atop an english muffin with house roasted reds

dungeness crab cake** | 18.25
lemon, dijon+tarragon, fresh hollandaise

smoked salmon** | 16.95
cold smoked lox, cream cheese, capers, fresh hollandaise

classic** | 14.75
all natural applegate farms black forest ham, fresh hollandaise

california** | 14.95
hempler’s bacon, fresh tomato, avocado, fresh hollandaise

egg sammy’s
all sammy’s come with two organic eggs + white cheddar on ciaba a or plain or everything blazing bagel. (GF bread +1.5) served with house roasted reds + fruit

sunrise ham** | 11.95
applegate farms all natural ham

bacon weave** | 13.25
bacon weave, tomato, arugula, house garlic mayo

avocado** | 11.95
avocado, arugula, secret aardvark hot sauce

house favorites

bagel + lox** | 13.95
cold smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, country olives, pickled onion, sliced tomatoes

danish pancakes | 11.95
berry filled, fresh whipped cream, berry compote, fresh fruit

biscuits + gravy | 11.95
house made biscuits and country sausage gravy
(add two wilcox farms organic eggs** +3)
(biscuits made fresh daily, so may be a limited supply)

chilaquiles**  | 13.95
crispy corn tortillas tossed in enchilada sauce and layered with house black beans and white cheddar and then baked. topped with two sunnyside eggs, avocado and pico, served with house roasted reds

belgian waffle
served plain w/ butter+syrup | 9.25
fresh whipped cream and blueberry compote | 10.95

huevos rancheros** | 12.75
two eggs over easy, corn tortillas, black beans, sour cream, avocado, white cheddar, fresh pico de gallo, house roasted reds

cowboy casserole | 13.95
organic eggs, house black beans, white cheddar, green chilies layered in between corn tortillas and topped with sour cream and fresh pico de gallo, served with fresh fruit and house roasted reds

shrimp+grits | 15.25
smoked gouda grits, shrimp, garlic butter, paprika, bacon and parmesan


house made cinnamon roll | 4.25
hempler’s bacon | 4.75
bowl o’ fruit | 6
two house biscuits w/honey bu er & fig jam | 4.50
sweet & spicy candied bacon | 5.5
house roasted reds | 3.5
side of gravy | 4.5
side of two organic eggs | 3
granola | 5.5

all salads served with warm herb focaccia

house salad | 6.25/11.95
seasonal greens, pickled onion, peppitas. with honey-lime, white wine or blue cheese dressing
+chicken | 3.75  +lox** | 4.25  +avocado | 2.00  +goat cheese | 2.00

santa fe chop | 7.25/13.90
roasted chicken, greens, black beans, corn, white cheddar, roasted peppers, avocado, peppitas

mediterranean chicken salad | 7.25/13.90
roasted chicken, greens, cucumbers, pickled red onion, golden raisins, red peppers, goat cheese, tomatoes, garbanzo beans, parsley, pine nuts

montamara chop | 8/14
roasted turkey, ham, salami, parmesan, smoked gouda, garbanzo beans, tomatoes, basil vinaigrette dressing

soup+salad | 12.95
your pick of 1⁄2 salad+bowl of house black bean chili with warm herb focaccia or chips

old town favorites

black bean nachos | 11.95
house black beans, corn tortillas, white cheddar, enchilada sauce, sourcream, pico, avocado

ploughman’s platter | 16.95
cured meats, cheese, mama lil’s peppers, pickled onions, olives, marcona almonds, fig jam, stone ground mustard, crackers and herb foccacia. served with a small beer or small house wine

crabcakes | 17.95
dungeness crab, house garlic mayo, greens, vinaigrette, pickled onion

served on ciabatta with cascade chips + brit’s pickle (GF bread +1.75)
sub salad or cup of soup for +2.25

bacon weave blt | 6.25/11.95
applewood smoked bacon, house garlic mayo, greens, sliced tomatoes

roasted veggie | 6.25/11.95
house roasted veggies, pesto, goat cheese, mama’s lil peppers

t.b.a | 7.25/13.95
turkey, avocado, smoked bacon, house garlic mayo, greens, sliced tomatoes

daily grinder | 7.25/13.95
rotating selection of cured meats, gruyere, olives, greens, house garlic mayo, mama’s lil peppers

turkey cubano | 6.75/12.95
turkey, ham, house garlic mayo, spicy mustard, gruyere, pickles

grilled goat | 6.25/11.95
goat cheese, pesto, tomatoes, mama’s lil peppers, olives

smokey chicken+basil pesto | 6.75/12.95
chicken, smoked gouda, basil pesto and house garlic mayo, tomatoes, arugula

the jam | 6.75/12.95
turkey, brie, fig jam, arugula | 6.75/12.95

crab+avocado (1/2 sandwich only) | 13
dungeness crab cake, avocado, house garlic mayo, aardvark sauce, tomato, arugula

something sweet

ice cream social ice cream scoop | 3.5
affogato valhalla espresso + ice cream social vanilla ice cream | 5
churro ice cream “sandwich” | 10
ice cream social ice cream, house made cinnamon and sugar waffle, whipped cream, caramel drizzle


perricone farms fresh squeezed juice
oj, lemonade | 3.60
berry lemonade | 3.85

valhalla coffee valkyrie blend | 2.75

valhalla espresso

assorted teas
hot | 2.60
iced hibiscus or black | 2.60

coke+diet coke | 2.70

orange mango soda | 3.15

ginger beer+root beer | 3.15

mimosas+brunch cocktails | 8/24

sake bloody mary | 8

beer and wine | ask server for selection

**these menu items are cooked to order. consuming raw or undercooked food may increase your risk of foodborne illness.